About Bethanie

Mini Bio

Bethanie Finger is a writer, reader, and a librarian. In 2021 she graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a Master's in Library and Information Sciences. She has worked in public libraries and local bookshops and currently works as a school librarian. 

When she’s not writing she enjoys hiking, podcasting, and exploring the world. 

She happily lives in Nevada with her husband, their two dogs, Scamp and Beowulf, and an ever growing TBR collection. 

Longer Bio 

As a child, I consumed books at an alarmingly high rate, visiting my local library on a near daily basis. I carried at least one book with me wherever I went, and was often found in the corner of any room with a book and a captivated expression. I believe these early years fostered what would lead to my career as a librarian. 

As a child, my father filled our home with music, even playing the guitar and singing us to sleep. My first writings were inspired by those nights spent listening to his music, and at five I began to write my own songs and poems. I didn’t know then that those early days of writing would lead to a life long love of storytelling.

At thirteen, I wrote my very first book, and to this day the only known reader is my mother. Though that story has been lost to the years of time, it was the first of many. To date, I have written over fifty books, poems, and short stories.

It has been a goal of mine to publish one of my stories since I was fifteen and my high school English Teacher told me I should look into Creative Writing in college. I started querying when I was eighteen, and fifteen years later I finally received an offer. 

I have queried dozens of projects over the years, and have wracked up over five-hundred manuscript rejections. But all the time I kept telling my stories, because that is the true joy of writing. 

As a new author, I am eager to share what I have created with the world, and continue telling my stories.