More Than Life

A gripping story of overcoming grief, self-realization, and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

As the daughter of a high-ranking sea captain, nineteen-year-old Cordelia Kimbal lives a life of luxury in the sea faring kingdom of Mikiria. But when her father dies unexpectedly, she is stripped of her title and home, and forced to join the working class in order to survive.

Determined to rise above her losses, Cordelia is eager to prove her worth and stand on her own. But four months after her father's passing, a mysterious letter arrives, revealing the secret location of the mythical island of Qualaris. Known for concealing the secrets of magic and eternal life, Qualaris is often dismissed as mere legend, but Jasper, Cordelia's father's enigmatic apprentice, is convinced of its existence and is harboring its secrets—secrets that the dark enchanter, Janus would stop at nothing to obtain.

For generations, Jaspar and his ancestors have pursued the discovery and rescue of Qualaris while battling a curse of nonexistence, and he believes that Cordelia is the island's true protector, the one who can save it and its people from Janus's impending threat.

Faced with the daunting task of defending Qualaris and its people, Cordelia embarks on a quest to locate the island, embrace her birthright, and take on the darkest enchanter in history. If she doesn’t, the island and its people won’t be the only casualties of Janus’s war.

Join Cordelia on her journey as she navigates a world of magic, mystery, and danger, discovering her true self and the strength within her.

*Content Warning: More Than Life is the first book in the More Than Life trilogy, and ends on a cliffhanger. 

More Than Legend

The second novel in the gripping More Than Life trilogy. A cursed man. A stolen life. A legend worth chasing… 

Malevolent sorcerer, Janus, has clung to life for centuries, fueled by an insatiable thirst for magic. With his Sidons, half-fish minions bound to his command, Janus is determined to unlock the secret whereabouts of a powerful island discovered millennia ago. His only obstacle is Jaspar Marlow, his last living descendant and a man armed with generations of knowledge and an unwavering resolve.

After a cursed life of anonymity, a powerful talisman offered Jaspar a life of remembrance—and led him to his soulfate, Cordelia Kimbal. For generations, the Marlow family has sought Qualaris, the elusive island that promises to break their curse. Yet, as Jaspar and Cordelia embark on a perilous journey, they question if Qualaris is a tangible reality—or merely legend.

Having lost her father and her noble status, Cordelia sets out on a daring adventure to help Jaspar, and reconnect with a mother she never knew. But when Jaspar loses his most valuable asset, will Cordelia be able to fight Janus and the Sidons alone—or will she perish like the many who have come before her? 

Against a backdrop of myth, magic, and friendship, an enchanting tale of adventure is woven into an eternal quest for the greatest mystery of all time, where legends come to life, and destinies are shaped by the choices made in the pursuit of power.

*Content Warning: More Than Legend is the second book in the More Than Life trilogy, and ends on a cliffhanger. 

More Than Love

Dive into a world of magic and adventure in the thrilling conclusion to the epic More Than Life young adult fantasy trilogy.

Jaspar Marlow, after years of relentless pursuit, has uncovered the long-lost island of Qualaris. But when he unknowingly gives that location to the evil enchanter Janus, he jeopardizes the very existence of the island and its inhabitants. Now, Jaspar must break free from Janus’s grasp, navigate treacherous obstacles, and race against time to rescue Qualaris before it succumbs to darkness.

Cordelia Kimbal was last seen getting captured by a strange, cerulean man in bronze armor. She wakes up in Qualaris only to realize that the utopia she envisioned is far from reality. Tasked with confronting the inner demons plaguing the island’s inhabitants and defending against external threats, Cordelia learns valuable lessons about the dichotomy between dreams and reality. As unexpected perils emerge, including a mysterious illness and unfamiliar creatures, Cordelia must rely on the aid of strangers to ensure her survival.

In “More Than Love,” familiar faces return alongside compelling new characters, weaving a tapestry of intrigue, suspense, and destiny fulfillment. With unexpected twists and turns at every corner, this gripping tale will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.